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Research Area Public Policy Analysis & Evaluation, Institutional Design, Collaborative Governance, Government Regulation, Local Governance, Science Technology Policy, Disaster Management
Academic Degree Ph.D in Public Administration, Florida State University
Office Faculty Hall 40215
Contact +82 2 7600407
E-Mail hjpark72@skku.edu
Hyung jun Park
Academic History
- Ph. D in Askew School of Public Administration and Public Policy, Florida State University., FL, U.S.A., Fall 2005.

- M.A. in Public Administration, Yonsei University, Seoul, Korea., May 2001

- B.A. in Public Administration, Yonsei University, Seoul, Korea., May 1998
Research Achievement



[English Academic Journal Publications]

2013 Research on Determinants of Organizational Commitment and Organizational Citizenship Behaviors in Korean Bureaucracy: The Evidence from Perceptions and Behaviors of Korean Public Employees. Public Management Review.15(8): 1154-84 (SSCI) with Sung-Min Park & Eunyoung Ryu. (Correspondent Author)

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2002, Social Capital and The Tradeoff Between Environment and Development. International Journal of Economic Development 4(4). with Richard Feiock


[Korean Academic Journal Publications]

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Lim, Jooyoung & Hyung Jun Park 2015 Public Value Compatibility of Korean Public Administrative Reform by Regime: Network Analysis of Administrative Reform Core Value. The Korean Association for Public Administration 49(2): 143-172 (Correspondent Author)

Cho, Gyeonghun & Hyung Jun Park 2015 What factors protract location conflict on NIMBY facilities? : Using Fuzzy Set/Qualitative Comparative Analysis(Fs/QCA). The Korean Journal of Public Administration 25(2): 29-64 (Correspondent Author)

Lim, Jooyoung & Hyung Jun Park 2015 Policy Environment and Presidents Main Governing Values Change : Trace Analysis of Presidents Public Value Change. Korean Policy Studies Review 24(2): 149-182 (Correspondent Author) 

Lee, Seonu, Gwnggu Kim, JunSeop Shim, Doam Lyu, Gyeonghun Cho, Jisu Kim, Hyung Jun Park 2015 Exploratory Research for The Development of Public Conflict Checklist: Focusing on Assessment and Diagnosis of Public Conflict. Journal of Local Governance Studies 27(2): 319-343 (Correspondent Author) 

Kim Deok Hyeong & Hyung Jun Park 2015 Korean Bureaucrats Social Construction of Target Population. Korean Policy Sciences Review 19(1): 165-187 (Correspondent Author)

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Park, Hyung Jun 2007. The Study on the Introduction of Regulatory Negotiation to Korea. KIPA Report 2007-3

Kim, Junghae, Junhyung Yim, Hyung Jun Park, A Comparative Study on the Regulatory Reform. KIPA Report 2006-07




Best Academic Paper Award: The Williamson E. Mosher & Federick C. Mosher Award. Public Administration Review, American Society of Public Administration

2005 Ph. D. Dissertation Fellowship, DeVoe L. Moore Center, Florida State University.

2005, 66thAmerican Society and Public Administration (ASPA) Paper Presentation Travel Grant

2002-2004 University Fellowship, Florida State University

2001 Social Science Teaching Fellowship, Florida State University



2012. National Research Foundation Rarch Grant for Rising Professor: Exploration of Korean voluntary consolidation mechanism model between local entities ($200,000)

2011 National Research Foundation Research Grant for Rising Professor: The Public Policy Processing Speed and Policy Process: The Study on the Influence Factors of Legislative Bill Processing Time ($15,000)

2011 National Research Foundation Grant for Social Science Basic Research : Public Administrators' Trust in Citizens and Collaborative Governance ($200,000)

2010 Samsung Academic Research Grant: Exploration of types and role of policy broker in KOREAN policy process ($10,000)

2010 National Research Foundation Research Grant for Rising Professor: The Analysis of Science & Technology Regulation Policy Formation and Change : Focus on the 'Bioethics & Biosafety Law' Enactment.($15,000)

2009-2011. National Research Foundation Grant for Social Science Basic Research : Constitutional Regime and the State Governance : The study of future-oriented relationship among legislative, judicature and administrative body for constitutional principle ($200,000)

2008 Samsung Academic Research Grant: A Voting Game Approach on Regional Partnership Formation: Building Winning Coalition without Shared Beliefs ($10,000)

Ph. D. Dissertation Fellowship, 2005-2006, DeVoe L. Moore Center, Florida State University.($15,000)


[Academic Services]

      Editorial Board Member : State and Local Government Review (SAGE Publication) (2011-2014)

      2-year Elected Council Member & Program Co-chair, American Society for Public Administration International Chapter. (2011-2012)

      IIAS(International Institute of Administrative Science) Programme and Scientific Advisory Committee (PRAC) member (2013-2015)

      Chairperson of General Affairs Committee, The Korea Association for Policy Studies (2015)



- Associate Professor. (2008. 03- Present) Department of Public Administration and Graduate School of Governance, Sungkyunkwan University.

- Research Fellow (2006.02- 2008.02): Regulatory Research Center, Korea Institute of Public Administration (KIPA)

- Research Fellow (2005.09- 2006.01): DeVoe L. Moore Center at F.S.U.

- Director (2008.09- 2014.03) Institute of Governance and Policy Evaluation, Sungkyunkwan Univ.

- Director (2010, 03- 2012.02) SKKU Global E-policy & E-governance MPA program (Sponsored by KOICA)

- Director (2011.02 –Present) Korea Foundation –SKKU Global E-school Program.

- Chairman (2012.02- 2014. 02), Public Policy Track, Department of Public Affairs.